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Implant Dentures in Your Province

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The Strategic Role of Cone Beam Imaging in Dental Implant Decision-Making

Understanding Implant Dentures: Implant dentures, or overdentures, combine the stability of dental implants with the convenience of removable or fixed prosthetics. With surgically placed implants anchoring the dentures, this innovative solution offers superior stability and durability, providing patients with a long-lasting and reliable option for replacing missing teeth.

Types of Implant Dentures:

  1. Fixed Implant Dentures:

    • All-on-4® and All-on-6®: These fixed implant dentures use four or six strategically placed implants to support a full arch of teeth, providing stability and a natural feel.

    • Hybrid Dentures: Fixed hybrid or implant-supported hybrid dentures combine the stability of implants with the convenience of a fixed bridge.

  2. Removable Implant Dentures:

    • Bar-Retained Dentures: These removable implant dentures attach to a metal bar following the jaw's curve, offering additional support and stability.

    • Ball-Retained Dentures: Implant dentures attaching to ball-shaped attachments on the implants provide a secure fit while allowing for removal. These types of attachments are not as common.

Advanced Attachments:

  • Locator Attachments: Common in removable implant dentures, locators are attachment systems providing a secure connection between the denture and the implant, allowing for easy removal and enhanced stability.

Material Choices:

  • Titanium Bar: Used in fixed implant dentures, a titanium bar serves as a sturdy support structure for the prosthetic teeth. It ensures durability and longevity while minimizing weight and maintaining compatibility with the jawbone.

Types of All-on-X Implant Dentures:

  • Material Choices: All-on-X implant dentures can be crafted from various materials, including acrylic and zirconia.

  • Digital vs. Analog Styles: Digital workflows involve advanced technologies like 3D printing and computer-aided design (CAD), offering precise and customized solutions. Analog styles, on the other hand, follow traditional methods and craftsmanship.

Finding Implant Dentures in Canada: is your go-to resource for connecting with experienced dentists and denturists who excel in implant dentures across Canada. Explore our directory to discover professionals who can guide you through the process, from implant placement to selecting the right attachment systems and materials for your unique needs.

Embark on your journey to a confident and functional smile with implant dentures. is here to connect you with top dental professionals in Canada, ensuring personalized, implant-supported solutions tailored to you.

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