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1. Refund Eligibility:

  • Refunds are eligible for advertisers who have paid for advertisement services on

2. Refund Request Process:

  • Advertisers must submit a refund request in writing, detailing the reasons for the refund, within 30 days of the initial payment.

3. Approval Criteria:

  • Refund requests will be considered based on the following criteria:

    • Non-Performance: If fails to display the agreed-upon advertisement within the specified period.

    • Technical Issues: In the event of technical errors or malfunctions that prevent the proper display of the advertisement.

4. Non-Refundable Circumstances:

  • Refunds will not be granted under the following circumstances:

    • Advertiser's dissatisfaction with the ad's performance or results.

    • Changes in marketing strategy, business circumstances, or any other non-technical reasons.

5. Amount of Refund:

  • The amount of the refund will be determined based on the specific circumstances of the case, with a maximum refund equivalent to the total amount paid for the affected advertisement placement.

6. Refund Process:

  • Approved refunds will be processed within 15 business days from the date of the approval notification.

7. Communication:

  • Advertisers will be promptly informed of the approval or denial of their refund request, along with an explanation of the decision.

8. Contact Information:

9. Changes to the Refund Policy:

  • reserves the right to modify this refund policy. Advertisers will be notified of any changes in advance.

10. Dispute Resolution:

  • Any disputes related to refund requests will be resolved through a mutually agreed-upon process, which may include mediation or arbitration.

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